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Current Exhibitions



Jewish Religion, Migration and Emancipation

The permanent exhibition uses objects to narrate two thousand years’ worth of Jewish history and present, navigating the intersections of religion, migration and emancipation. What is Judaism? In four rooms and with six (Video-)Guides, the Museum narrates Jewish life from different perspectives — from the everyday to the High Holy Days — in the past and in the present, with Jewish Switzerland as a focal point.



ISREALITIES. Seven Photographic Journeys

28th March until 14th July 2019, Petersgraben 31

The exhibition ISREALITIES presents seven photographic journeys. Philippe Halsman, David Seymour, called CHIM, Erich Hartmann, Micha Bar-Am, Patrick Zachmann, Thomas Dworzak, and Oded Balilty give us a tour through the British Mandate for Palestine, guiding us through the founding of the Jewish State to present-day Israel.

Photo: Child (Miriam Trito) born in the settlement of Alma. © David Seymour CHIM / Magnum Photos / Courtesy 


Altland. Theodor Herzl’s European Legacy

In 1897, Theodor Herzl convened a Congress in Basel, during which he introduced his idea of a «Jewish State.» With our online exhibition, we show the development of his vision through objects, which include items in the Jewish Museum’s permanent collection. Herzl was not alive to see the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, but he nevertheless numbers among its spiritual founders, and even today his legacy remains: His countenance decorates banknotes and stamps; his name is inscribed in Israel’s geography (Herzlia, Mount Herzl).



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